I checked in, but I have not received a call or text yet. What should I do next?
If it has been at least 5 minutes since you checked in online and it is past your scheduled appointment time and still have not received a call or text from us, please call your dental office. If when you call, if it goes to voicemail then please do walk into the office and let front office team know that you checked in online but had not received anything back from them.

Why is my dentist doing online check-in?
Patient and staff safety is very important to us. Due to COVID 19 outbreak and the need to continue to observe as much social distancing as possible until we have the all clear, we are offering online check-in so we have minimal number of people in the waiting room. This helps avoid exposure to other people. This is not mandatory but highly encouraged.

Can you explain the process of how this works?
Check out Online Check-in Process

Is my name, phone number and other information safe?
Yes, the entries are not stored at all. The information entered in the form is send via email as soon as you hit the check-in button.

Will you offer online check-in after COVID 19 outbreak is over?
If our patients like this setup and the convenience, we may decide to continue to offer online Check-in option to enhance our patient experience. Let us know if you would like to have this option permanently.