Check-in Process used at Healthy Teeth Dental Care for your reference 

  • We have a sign outside our office facing the parking lot instructing patient to go to our online check-in website with the website address listed there. 
  • We also list our phone number in case some patients prefer that. 
  • Once patients have checked-in online then we get an email, almost instantly or within a minute at the most. Our front office team then go through the questionnaire and if there are any questions that need further clarification then they check with the dentist.  
  • Call the patient or text them through your favorite text platform to let them know you have received their check-in. Confirm their demographic information like address, contact numbers on file, etc. Also let them know at this time if they have any patient portion which will be due today. Ask any further clarifying questions if needed regarding their answers on Covid Questionnaire. At the end let them know that you are now going to let their provider know that they are checked-in and ready to be called in. But that you will send another text or call again to instruct them to come to the office door. They should continue to stay in the car until that time. 
  • The appropriate clinical staff is informed that their patient is ready. 
  • The clinical staff gets operatory ready. Then they put on the appropriate PPE on per our clinic policy. The clinical staff then heads up to the office entrance and lets the front office know to call the patient in. 
  • Once the patient comes to the door, the clinical staff opens the door (currently we keep our front door closed at all times in order to prevent anyone from coming in prior to getting appropriate screening). We take temp right at the door and also provide the patient with hand sanitizer or instruct them to wash their hands if they prefer that.  
  • They are then taken to their operatory right away.